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Welcome to Sakura-iro Samsara

  • Explore the Story Mission, Daily Exorcism, Sinful Devil, and Shrine Heiden via Sakura-iro Samsara.

Reset Time

  • Adventure map will be reset on every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday - 0400 (GMT+8), harvest locations will be respawned, and retreat sinful devil boss will be resurged.
  • After clearing the current playthrough, the harvest locations will only be respawned on next reset time.
  • Adventure map will entering (1) hour downtime (0300~0400(GMT+8)) before it is reset.

Story Mission

  • Story Mission can be cleared only once, next playthrough will be unlocked after clearing the current one.
  • Adventure map unlock requirements are according to the playthrough:
    • First Playthrough : Admiral reach Level 16 or above.
    • Second Playthrough : Admiral reach Level 35 or above.
    • Third Playthrough : Admiral reach Level 45 or above.

Daily Exorcism

  • Unlock Condition : Complete first playthrough and Admiral reach Level 35 or above.
  • Daily Exorcism rewards various Rare Items by expending Stamina.

Sinful Devil

  • Unlock Condition : Complete second playthrough and Admiral reach Level 45 or above.
  • Sinful Devil can be challenged and rewards Rare Valkyrja Fragment and Rare Items.

Shrine Heiden

  • Shrine Heiden allows Synthesis and Crafting of items, weapons, and stigmatas from materials obtained from harvest, daily exorcism, and sinful devil.