Change Valkyrja in Profile

  1. In player profile, tap SWITCH to change your leader.

What Valkyrja Attribute-Type Do?

Attribute advantage will provide certain benefits against the attribute disadvantages enemies.
  • +/- 30% Damage
  • +/- 30% Defense
  • +/- 30% Critical Rate

Why My Valkyrja Stuck At A Certain Level?

  • Your valkyrja max level is limited to your player level.
  • Increase your player level is the only way to increase your valkyrja max level.

How To Unlock Other Valkyrja?

What Does Touching Valkyrja Do?

In home screen, you may touch your valkyrja which will:

  1. Make her does some animated action with voice.
  2. Provide single or team buff temporarily.
  3. Increase her affection points -> Increase buff effect.

Where to Spend My Crystals?

    1. Gacha Supply Ticket.
    2. Stamina Refill
    3. Event Shop Refresh (if needed, but no recommended)
    4. DONT ever spend on Logistics Terminal