Official Android (WeChat)

WeChat 1
Buy Crystals 1
Step 1: Install WeChat App, completed the registration, then click "Me".
Step 2: Check whether WeChat Wallet is available.
  • If YES, proceed to Step 2-3.
  • If NO, you require to activate WeChat Wallet. (refer to the steps below)
    1. Get someone who have WeChat Wallet to send you a red packet.
    2. Open the red packet to activate WeChat Wallet. (But we not yet done here)
    3. Access your WeChat Wallet, you may see a warning in your "Balance".
    4. Click it for the first time set-up WeChat Wallet verification. [refer here]
    5. After that, you are done. ^^
Step 3: Select WeChat as the payment method.
Q: When I proceed to WeChat payment, it shows "Credit card isn't supported".
A: If this case, you had no choice to purchase WeChat wallet through 3rd-party.
Then buy the crystals using WeChat wallet's balances instead of credit card.

Official IOS

Purchase using Apple Pay.

Bilibili / 9game

Purchase using Paypal.