Kiana02 s1.0
Leadership Skill - Blistering Meteor [+/-]
When as squad leader, whole squad members receive Haste buff
Kiana02 s1.1
All squad members moving speed increased by X%.

Mechanical-type members attack speed further increased by Y%.

Kiana02 s2.0
Branch Attack Skill - Meteorite Impact [+/-]
Triple shots followed by a powerful shot.
Powerful Shot: Physical damage in a line based on 350% attack power
Kiana02 s2.1
Meteor Impact
X% chance on-critical hit to inflict faint status, last for Y seconds.
Kiana02 s2.2
Nova Explosion
Branch attack deal additional X physical damage on the targeting enemy.
Kiana02 s2.3
Meteor Falling
Increase action-break resilience, and defense by X% during branch attack.
Kiana02 s3.0
Ultimate Skill - Gungnir [+/-]
Wrap-in an unscientific cannon to fire upon the enemies.
Unscientific Cannon: Deal physical damage based on 1200% attack power
SP Activation: 50
Kiana02 s3.1
Valkyrja Impact
Final hit of ultimate inflict faint status to the enemies, last for X seconds.
Kiana02 s3.2
Valkyrja Impulse
Manually pressed attack during ultimate duration each deal additional X fire elemental damage, maximum up to 15 times.
Kiana02 s3.3
Valkyrja Frenzy
Increase ultimate critical damage by X%.
Kiana02 s4.0
Basic Attack Skill - Combined Spiral Target [+/-]
Rapid quadra shots.
1st Shot: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
2nd Shot: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
3rd Shot: Physical damage based on 150% attack power
4th Shot: Physical damage based on 250% attack power
Kiana02 s4.1
Focused Fire Meteor
On-hit same target increase attack speed, up to X%.
Kiana02 s4.2
Critical Meteor
Basic attack X% chance on-critical hit to inflict bleeding status to the enemies, dealing Y physical damage per every 0.5 seconds, last for Z seconds.
Kiana02 s4.3
QTE - Meteor Shower
Launch a tag-in QTE on freeze status enemy, performing a flurry shooting on one single target, dealing physical damage based on 360% attack power + X physical damage.
Kiana02 s5.0
Evasive Move Skill - Space-time Singularity [+/-]
Quickly tumble to evade enemy attack.
Energize Blackhole: Activate when evasive move is triggered, with the attacker as center pulls the surrounding enemies, last for 2 seconds, with 10 seconds cooldown
Kiana02 s5.1
Nova Fleeing
Increase moving speed by X% after evasive move or tag-in, last for Y seconds, can be triggered once every 6.0 seconds.
Kiana02 s5.2
Space-time Evasion
Reduce Energize Blackhole cooldown by X seconds.
Kiana02 s5.3
Nova Collapse
Increase Energize Blackhole duration by X seconds, and gravitational pull range by Y meter.
Kiana02 s6.0
Passive Skill [+/-]
Grant added bonuses from passive skill.
Kiana02 s6.1
Comet Barrier Breaker
Increase damage dealt against barrier-intact status enemies by X%.
Kiana02 s6.2
Meteor Storm
Inflict X seconds faint and physical damage based on Y% attack power to the target, the moment its barrier broken.
Kiana02 s6.3
Comet Critical Strike
Increase critical damage by X%.
Further increase critical damage against freeze status enemy by Y%.