Kiana01 s1.0
Leadership Skill - Comet Protection [+/-]
When as squad leader, whole squad members receive Counselor buff
Kiana01 s1.1
All squad members HP increased by X% while in combat.
Kiana01 s2.0
Branch Attack Skill - Comet Drop [+/-]
Double kicks followed by a high kick, then an axe kick.
High Kick: Physical damage based on 50% attack power
Axe Kick: AoE physical damage based on 275% attack power
Kiana01 s2.1
Tag-in - Comet Explosive
Launch a Comet Drop when tag-in, inflicting physical damage based on X attack power to the enemies, and Y seconds faint status if their action broken.
Kiana01 s2.2
QTE - Aerial Cyclone
Launch a tag-in QTE on float status enemy, dealing physical damage based on 300% attack power + X physical damage.
Kiana01 s2.3
Phantasm Gravity
Second hit of Comet Drop and Comet Explosive deal additional X fire elemental damage against barrier-intact status elites.
Kiana01 s3.0
Ultimate Skill - Valkyrja Bankai [+/-]
Full release Valkyrja energy, entering Bankai mode.
Bankai: Continuously drain SP, but bolster attack speed and action-break resilience
Bankai Tenacity: Consume 20 SP upon activation, and 10 SP per every 1 seconds until SP run out
Kiana01 s3.1
Valkyrja Impact
Upon Bankai activation, inflicting X seconds faint status, and Y physical damage to the surrounding enemies.
Kiana01 s3.2
Valkyrja Prevail
All squad members receiving protection buff during Bankai duration, increase action-break resilience, and defense by X%.
Kiana01 s4.0
Basic Attack Skill - Meteor Target [+/-]
Gun Fu penta kicks.
1st Kick: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
2nd Kick: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
3rd Kick: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
4th Kick: Physical damage based on 150% attack power
5th Kick: Physical damage based on 250% attack power
Kiana01 s4.1
Meteor Fragment
Increase Basic attack physical damage by X.
Kiana01 s4.2
Comet Burst
Deal additional X physical damage, the moment barrier broken by basic attack / branch attack.
Kiana01 s4.3
Meteor Fragment Strike
X% chance on-hit to inflict Y seconds faint status when successfully breaking enemies action.
Kiana01 s5.0
Evasive Move Skill - Space-time Dodge [+/-]
Quickly tumble to evade enemy attack.
Space-time Distortion: Activate when evasive move is triggered, cause entire field space-time distortion, all enemies actions turn slows, last for 3 seconds, with 15 seconds cooldown
Kiana01 s5.1
Space-time Evasion
Reduce Space-time Distortion cooldown by X seconds.
Kiana01 s5.2
Space-time Leyline
Additionally recover all squad members SP by X when evasive move is triggered.
Kiana01 s6.0
Passive Skill [+/-]
Grant added bonuses from passive skill.
Kiana01 s6.1
Comet Barrier Breaker
Increase damage dealt against barrier-up status enemies by X%.
Kiana01 s6.2
Comet Critical Strike
When HP above 80%, increase critical damage by X%.