Mei01 s1.0
Leadership Skill - Faithfulness [+/-]
When as squad leader, whole squad members receive Faithfulness buff
Mei01 s1.1
When over 20 consecutive hits, all squad members physical damage increased by X%.
Mei01 s2.0
Branch Attack Skill - Sakura Blossom Falling [+/-]
Perform a leaping air whirlwind slash, knock surrounding enemies to air.
Whirlwind Slash: AoE physical damage based on 200% ~ 400% attack power
Mei01 s2.1
QTE - Iai Slash
Launch a tag-in QTE on float status enemy, performing a Whirlwind Slash, dealing physical damage based on 120% + X% attack power.
Mei01 s2.2
Aerial Whirlwind Blade
Whirlwind Slash can be chained from any combo of basic attack.
Mei01 s2.3
Double Whirlwind Blade
Second Whirlwind Slash can be chained by manually pressed attack during branch attack duration, dealing X% damage of first branch attack.
Mei01 s3.0
Ultimate Skill - Amaterasu [+/-]
Full release Valkyrja energy, unleash a sword burst forward.
Amaterasu: Deal up to physical damage based on 1150% attack power
SP Activation: 50
Mei01 s3.1
Soul Aura
Each Amaterasu's hits deal additional X fire elemental, up to 17 times.
Mei01 s3.2
Spirit Blade
Increase SP capacity by 15.
Amaterasu consume 20 more SP, and enter Valkyrja Bankai mode after releasing Amaterasu, that bolster all attacks, last for X seconds.
Mei01 s3.3
Sakura Spirit
Bolster Mei blade during Valkyrja Bankai, each hits deal additional physical damage based on X%.
Mei01 s4.0
Basic Attack Skill - Five Soul Slash [+/-]
Rapid penta slashes.
1st Slash: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
2nd Slash: Physical damage based on 120% attack power
3rd Slash: Physical damage based on 75% attack power
4th Slash: Physical damage based on 80% attack power
5th Slash: AoE physical damage based on 250% attack power
Mei01 s4.1
Chain Slash
When combo over 20-hit, increase attack speed by X%.
Mei01 s4.2
Bloody Sakura Blade
Basic attack X% chance on-hit to inflict enemy with bleeding status, dealing Y physical damage per every 0.5 seconds, last for Z seconds.
Mei01 s4.3
Nightfall Sakura
Final hit of basic attack deal additional X fire elemental damage per 1 hit combo, up to maximum Y-hit combo.
Mei01 s5.0
Evasive Move Skill - Strider Blade [+/-]
Quickly dash to evade enemy attack.
Space-time Distortion: Activate when evasive move is triggered, cause entire field space-time distortion, all enemies actions turn slows, last for 3 seconds, with 15 seconds cooldown
Mei01 s5.1
Flash Slash
Trigger by manually pressed attack right after evasive move, with 2.0 seconds cooldown. Flash Slash during entire field space-time distortion deal additional X% physical damage.
Mei01 s5.2
Phantom Spirit
Increase attack speed during self-triggered entire field space-time distortion by X%.
Mei01 s5.3
Afterimage Blade
Reduce space-time distortion cooldown by X seconds.
Mei01 s6.0
Passive Skill [+/-]
Grant added bonuses from passive skill.
Mei01 s6.1
Piercing Blade
Increase critical rate against barrier-broken status elites by X%, critical damage by Y%.